C-61.01 - Natural Heritage Conservation Act

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90. (Replaced).
2002, c. 74, s. 90; 2021, c. 1, ss. 43 and 44; 2022, c. 8, s. 25.
90. The directors and officers of a legal person that has defaulted on payment of an amount owed to the Minister under this Act or the regulations are solidarily liable, with the legal person, for the payment of the amount, unless they establish that they exercised due care and diligence to prevent the failure which led to the claim.
2002, c. 74, s. 90; 2021, c. 1, ss. 43 and 44.
90. The proposed protected areas listed in the schedule, announced before 19 December 2002 are deemed to have been set aside by the Minister as biodiversity reserves in accordance with Title III, for a period of four years beginning six months after that date.
Any consultation on the proposals in progress on that date is deemed to be the consultation required under this Act.
2002, c. 74, s. 90.