C-61.01 - Natural Heritage Conservation Act

Full text
89. (Replaced).
2002, c. 74, s. 89; 2021, c. 1, ss. 43 and 44; 2022, c. 8, s. 25.
89. A notice of claim, other than one notified in accordance with section 69.8, may be contested before the Administrative Tribunal of Québec, by the person concerned, within 30 days after notification of the notice.
When rendering its decision, the Administrative Tribunal of Québec may make a ruling with respect to interest accrued on the penalty while the matter was pending before the Tribunal.
2002, c. 74, s. 89; 2021, c. 1, ss. 43 and 44.
89. Unless otherwise indicated by the context, in any text or document, of whatever nature and regardless of its storage medium, a reference to the Ecological Reserves Act (chapter R‐26.1) or the Act respecting nature reserves on private land (chapter R‐26.2) or to any provision of those Acts is a reference to this Act and to the relevant provision of this Act.
2002, c. 74, s. 89.