C-61.01 - Natural Heritage Conservation Act

Full text
50. The purpose of the “ecological reserve” status is
(1)  to conserve constituent elements of biological diversity in their natural state permanently and as fully as possible, in particular by protecting ecosystems and the elements or processes that ensure their dynamics;
(2)  to reserve land for scientific study or educational purposes; or
(3)  to protect the habitats of threatened or vulnerable plant and animal species.
2002, c. 74, s. 50; 2021, c. 1, s. 35.
50. For the purposes of the periodic review of the conservation plan of an area, the Minister shall, during the seventh year following the year of its initial approval by the Government and thereafter at least every 10 years, assess the implementation of the conservation plan and assess the advisability of amending it.
2002, c. 74, s. 50.