C-6.2 - Act to affirm the collective nature of water resources and to promote better governance of water and associated environments

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15.9. A program must set out the eligibility criteria for projects to restore and create wetlands and bodies of water, which criteria must, as a minimum, ensure that
(1)  priority is given to projects carried out in the territory of the regional county municipality in which the setting will be destroyed or disturbed or in the territory of a watershed all or part of which is included in the municipality’s territory;
(2)  projects maintain the surface areas or functions of a watershed’s wetlands and bodies of water or make gains in that regard; and
(3)  projects are assessed using equivalence factors with regard to the types of wetlands and bodies of water destroyed or disturbed.
Such a program must also include, but is not limited to,
(1)  the eligibility criteria for the persons and bodies, as well as the partnerships and associations not endowed with juridical personality referred to in articles 2186 to 2279 of the Civil Code, that may submit a project;
(2)  the eligibility criteria for the costs associated with carrying out the projects;
(3)  the objectives and targets to be reached;
(4)  the minimum content of the agreements to be entered into to implement the program, which agreements must stipulate the conditions, restrictions and prohibitions applicable to work carried out to restore and create wetlands and bodies of water and the prescribed schedule to carry out the work;
(5)  the measures to be put in place to monitor the progress of the projects selected and assess their effectiveness; and
(6)  follow-up measures to ensure the sustainability of the restored or created wetlands and bodies of water.
Such a program is established by the Minister, after consulting the other ministers concerned. The program is to be made available on the website of the Minister’s department and by any other means the Minister deems appropriate.
2017, c. 14, s. 9.