C-52.1 - Act respecting the conditions of employment and the pension plan of the Members of the National Assembly

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64. Every Member shall, each year, receive a statement of his accumulated contributions and benefits.
The Member, the former Member or the pensioner shall receive a statement of his participation in the plan, which is before 1 January 1992, and of the benefits accumulated before that date under the plan or a pension plan which was applicable to Members of the National Assembly before 1 January 1983.
The person to whom the second paragraph applies has one year from the date of receipt of the statement before requesting that corrections be made to the data included therein.
1982, c. 66, s. 64; 1992, c. 9, s. 2.
64. (Amendment integrated into c. L-1, ss. 103.1-103.19).
1982, c. 66, s. 64.