C-52.1 - Act respecting the conditions of employment and the pension plan of the Members of the National Assembly

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38. Every person who was a Member after 31 December 1982 and who ceased to be a Member before 1 January 1992 shall continue to receive, for life, the retirement pension he was receiving under this Act on 31 December 1991.
If the person has ceased to be a Member and has not applied for his retirement pension or for the refund of his contributions, the provisions of Chapters II and III of this Act shall continue to apply as they read on 31 December 1991.
1982, c. 66, s. 38; 1992, c. 9, s. 2.
38. Every pension credit is indexed annually on 1 January and until 1 January preceding the date on which the pension becomes payable, according to the rate of increase in the Pension Index established under the Act respecting the Québec Pension Plan (chapter R-9).
1982, c. 66, s. 38.