C-52.1 - Act respecting the conditions of employment and the pension plan of the Members of the National Assembly

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25. A Member is entitled each year to a pension credit equal to 1.75% of the annual indemnity on which he paid or, as the case may be, is deemed to have paid contributions, without exceeding a period equivalent to 25 years.
A pension credit computed in accordance with the first paragraph shall be granted to a person who is a Member on 1 January 1992 for each year or part of a year during which he paid contributions to the plan before 1 January 1992 and each year or part of a year credited to him under the plan before that date. Such pension credit replaces, in respect of each of those years and parts of a year, the pension credit granted to the Member before 1 January 1992.
1982, c. 66, s. 25; 1987, c. 109, s. 3; 1992, c. 9, s. 2.
25. The contributions paid after 31 December 1982 and before 1 January 1988 under section 103.4 of the Legislature Act (chapter L-1) are deemed to have been paid under section 22.
1982, c. 66, s. 25; 1987, c. 109, s. 3.
25. The contributions contemplated in section 24 also include those which were paid by a Member or withheld from his salary before 1 January 1983 under the retirement pension scheme established by the Legislature Act (chapter L-1) in the case where he elected as provided for in section 103.18 of the said Act.
1982, c. 66, s. 25.