C-50 - Act to promote conciliation between lessees and property-owners

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46. The lessee who wishes to cancel his lease for one of the causes mentioned in article 1664a of the Civil Code must file an application with the administrator with the delay provided for in the said article. He must, with the same delay, give to the lessor notice of his application and furnish to the administrator proof that such notice has been given.
The administrator shall then grant the cancellation if the lessee shows that he has obtained permission to occupy one of the dwellings contemplated in the said article and that it is not a pretext to attain other purposes.
If the lessee has obtained such cancellation in bad faith for a purpose other than those provided for by article 1664a of the said Code, the lessor may claim from him, before the competent tribunal, an indemnity for the prejudice he has suffered by reason of such cancellation.
1974, c. 76, s. 18.