C-50 - Act to promote conciliation between lessees and property-owners

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45. Subject to the application of all municipal by-laws then in force and especially by-laws respecting the construction and alteration of immoveables in the municipality, the administrator may authorize the demolition of a dwelling-house with a view to its reconstruction as a dwelling-house or as an industrial or commercial establishment.
The administrator shall not permit such demolition to be made or undertaken while the house is occupied by a lessee under a lease or a prolongation of a lease in force, but he may, before the expiration of the term of such lease or of such prolongation, hear the application for demolition and grant it to take effect at the expiration of such term; if he decides to grant the application for demolition, every application for prolongation of a lease pending before him shall be deemed rejected.
Such application for demolition may be made by the owner only. The said demolition must be applied for and effected in good faith under penalty of damages recoverable before a competent court.
1968, c. 79, s. 5.