C-50 - Act to promote conciliation between lessees and property-owners

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2. A commission, known as the “Commission des loyers” is hereby constituted to supervise the carrying out of this act and to exercise the other powers hereinafter assigned to it.
It is composed of members appointed in sufficient number by the Gouvernement.
One of the members, who must be a judge of the Provincial Court, is the chairman thereof and two others are the vice-chairmen.
If the chairman is unable to act by reason of absence or illness, he shall be replaced by the vice-chairman designated for such purpose by the Gouvernement or, if the latter also is unable to act, by the other vice-chairman.
The Commission may sit simultaneously in several divisions consisting of at least two members, with or without participation by the chairman or vice-chairman. In case of a tie-vote on any question, it shall be referred to the chairman, who shall decide.
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