C-50 - Act to promote conciliation between lessees and property-owners

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10. The Commission may, by regulation:
(a)  prescribe the information that must be furnished by the parties and the forms it considers necessary, and determine the cases where the use of such forms is mandatory;
(b)  establish rules of practice for the service of notices, the institution and conduct of proceedings before the administrators and the Commission and the execution of their decisions;
(c)  establish rules for adjudication as to the disbursements and fees of attorneys on proceedings taken before the Commission and make tariffs for such disbursements and fees;
(d)  enact penalties for failure by witnesses to appear before the Commission or an administrator and for violation of the provisions of section 47;
(e)  determine what shall constitute a rooming-house within the meaning of paragraph f of section 39 and of section 60;
(f)  adopt such other measures as it deems expedient to ensure the fair and effective carrying out of this act.
1950-51, c. 20, s. 11; 1975, c. 84, s. 3.