C-5.1 - Act respecting truck transportation

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15. The Commission, in assessing the public interest to decide the merit of an objection, shall
(1)  give primary emphasis to the interests of users of truck transportation services, whether those services are provided by the applicant or not, taking into account the followings factors:
(a)  the availability of adequate truck transportation services, anywhere in Québec, whatever the population density of the territory to be served;
(b)  the availability of a wide range of services and prices and even of new truck transportation services;
(c)  the increased capacity of the trucking industry to adapt to the various needs of users;
(d)  the stimulating effect on users’ productivity and efficiency;
(e)  the keeping of truck transportation costs at a reasonable level, the maximum use of equipment and the saving of energy;
(f)  the maintenance of the market at a reasonable level of competition and concentration, and the limitation of the risk of deceitful practices;
(g)  the elimination of discrimination in prices and services;
(h)  the preservation of the stability, dependability and viability of the trucking industry and of its infrastructure;
(i)  the applicant’s capacity to provide adequate trucking services;
(j)  the promotion of the social and economic development of Québec, including the favourable effect on employment and productivity in all sectors of the industry;
(k)  any other factor which, in the opinion of the Commission, gives primary emphasis to the interests of users;
(2)  satisfy itself that the matters set out in the Government policy statements on trucking are taken into consideration.
1987, c. 97, s. 15.