C-48 - Chartered Accountants Act

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39. (Repealed).
1973, c. 64, s. 46; 2009, c. 35, s. 48.
39. Nothing in this Act shall prevent any member of The International Society of Commerce Limited who has resided in Québec since 1 January 1942 and practised as an accountant from continuing to do so, and such member may use the title of Accredited Public Accountant or the initials A.P.A. for the purposes of public accountancy, and shall retain the right to use the same title and the same initials in the exercise of his functions.
This section shall not apply to members admitted by the International Society of Commerce Limited after 17 April 1946.
Only the persons whose names appear on the lists contemplated in section 23a of chapter 47 of the statutes of 1946 may avail themselves of this section.
1973, c. 64, s. 46.