C-48.1 - Chartered Professional Accountants Act

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5. To engage in the elements of the professional activity described in the third paragraph of section 4, except the performance of compilation engagements not intended exclusively for internal management purposes, a chartered professional accountant must obtain a public accountancy permit.
The board of directors issues the permit if the chartered professional accountant meets the terms and conditions for the issue of permits set in a regulation of the board. The regulation also determines
(1)  the legal authorizations to practise public accountancy outside Québec that give access to the permit, and the terms and conditions for the issue of that permit applicable to the holders of such authorizations; and
(2)  the terms and conditions for the issue of the permit that must be met to give effect to an agreement entered into by the Order under an agreement for mutual recognition of professional competence entered into between the Government and another government; it must also provide for a review of a decision, by persons other than the persons who rendered it, that does not recognize that one of the conditions, other than professional competence, has been met.
The first paragraph does not apply if the professional activity concerned is practised
(1)  in accordance with a regulation made under paragraph h of section 94 of the Professional Code (chapter C-26); or
(2)  by an accountant or an auditor employed by the Government, in the performance of his or her duties.
2012, c. 11, s. 5.