C-47.1 - Municipal Powers Act

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78.14. Where a site referred to in section 78.1 is situated in the territory of more than one municipality, the duties payable under section 78.2 are payable only once for all the municipalities concerned, which must enter into an agreement determining which municipality is responsible for enforcing the regime set up under this division for the site.
The agreement must also include criteria for the allocation of the sums collected, which must be modified to take into account any request made to one of the municipalities concerned under the first paragraph of section 78.13.
Subject to section 78.7, the duties may be collected once an agreement is entered into, and each municipality concerned pays a part of the sums it receives into the fund it established in accordance with this division.
If one of the municipalities concerned ascertains the existence of a disagreement that prevents the entering into or amending of an agreement, it may submit the dispute to the Commission municipale du Québec, whose decision is final. The third paragraph of section 78.13 applies to the decision.
2009, c. 26, s. 44.