C-47.1 - Municipal Powers Act

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27. The municipality may suspend the supply of water only
(1)  if a person makes abusive use of the water or controls equipment that causes water to be wasted or the quality of the water to deteriorate, and fails to take the required corrective measures within 10 days after the municipality sends a notice exposing the problem, indicating the corrective measures to be taken and informing the person that the water supply could be suspended. The suspension continues until corrective measures are taken;
(2)  if a person refuses to admit the municipal employees responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the water supply system or the application of a by-law adopted under a provision of this chapter. The supply of water is suspended so long as the refusal continues;
(3)  if a person operating an enterprise fails to pay for the water supply and has not remedied the situation within 30 days of a notice to that effect sent by the municipality.
The sum required for the water supply, except to the extent that it is related to actual consumption, remains payable throughout the period in which the service is suspended under the first paragraph.
2005, c. 6, s. 27.