C-47.1 - Municipal Powers Act

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12. (Repealed).
2005, c. 6, s. 12; 2015, c. 8, s. 218.
12. A local municipality whose territory is included in that of a regional county municipality must make an annual contribution in support of the local development centre by paying a sum the amount of which is determined by by-law of the regional county municipality or according to rules prescribed in the by-law.
In the absence of a by-law referred to in the first paragraph when the budget of the regional county municipality is adopted for a fiscal year, the amount to be paid by each local municipality for the fiscal year is determined in accordance with the regulation under the third paragraph.
The Government may, by regulation, prescribe the rules for determining the amount that each local municipality is required to pay in the circumstance described in the second paragraph. The regulation may prescribe separate rules that vary from one regional county municipality to another.
The sum is integrated into the share that the local municipality is required to pay to the regional county municipality under section 205.1 of the Act respecting land use planning and development (chapter A-19.1).
2005, c. 6, s. 12.