C-47.1 - Municipal Powers Act

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118. If the person referred to in section 117 is a non-profit body, the regional county municipality may stand surety for it. However, it must obtain the authorization of the Minister to stand surety for an obligation of $50,000 or more.
Before giving the authorization, the Minister may order the regional county municipality to submit the decision authorizing the surety to the approval of the persons qualified to vote in the local municipalities that must contribute to the payment of the expenditures relating to the regional park.
The Act respecting elections and referendums in municipalities (chapter E-2.2) applies, with the necessary modifications, to the approval sought under the second paragraph.
The regional county municipality may also grant subsidies to the person referred to in the first paragraph.
2005, c. 6, s. 118; 2005, c. 50, s. 118.