C-29 - General and Vocational Colleges Act

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59. The governing board may, in the name of the regional college, solicit gifts, legacies, subsidies or other voluntary contributions from any person or any public or private organization wishing to assist in the carrying out of the mission of the constituent college.
The governing board may not, however, solicit gifts, legacies, subsidies or other contributions to which conditions incompatible with the exercise of the powers and duties of the constituent college are attached.
The contributions received shall be deposited in a designated fund created for such purpose by the regional college; the funds making up the fund and the interest accrued shall be appropriated to the constituent college.
The regional college shall keep separate books and accounts for the operations of the fund.
The management of the fund is subject to the supervision of the governing board; the regional college shall, at the request of the governing board, allow the records of the fund to be examined and provide the governing board with any account, report or information relating to the fund.
1997, c. 87, s. 26.