C-29 - General and Vocational Colleges Act

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42. The mission of a regional college is to organize the college-level general and vocational instruction provided by its constituent colleges in a manner that fosters cooperation among the constituent colleges and ensures complementarity among their respective activities.
In the pursuit of its mission, a regional college shall
(a)  distribute among its constituent colleges the programs leading to a Diploma of College Studies for which it has received the authorization of the Minister as well as the programs leading to an Attestation of College Studies which it is authorized to establish;
(b)  admit students to programs of college studies or make agreements with another educational institution or another organization concerning such programs in conformity with such general standards as may be established by the Minister;
(c)  allocate to its constituent colleges the human, physical and financial resources of the regional college, reserving the resources it determines to be necessary for its own needs.
1997, c. 87, s. 26.