C-11.3 - Charter of Ville de Longueuil

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8.5. The sums derived from the operation or leasing by the city of an industrial immovable, after deduction of related administration and maintenance costs, or from the alienation of the immovable, must be used to discharge the engagements made in respect of the immovable by any municipality referred to in section 5.
If the industrial immovable referred to in the first paragraph was the subject of an agreement under section 13.1 of the Act respecting municipal industrial immovables (chapter I-0.1) which provided for terms and conditions relating to the apportionment of expenditures among the municipalities, the discharge pursuant to the first paragraph of the engagements made must be consistent with those terms and conditions as regards any part of the territory of the city that corresponds to the territory of any such municipality.
2001, c. 25, s. 362; O.C. 1310-2001, s. 2.