C-1.1 - Act to establish a legal framework for information technology

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69. In addition to such substitute standards as may be prescribed under section 67, the Government may make regulations determining
(1)  criteria for the recognition of the archival, historical or heritage value of a document in its original medium ;
(2)  criteria for the use of extensive search functions in respect of personal information contained in technology-based documents that are made public for a specific purpose ;
(3)  the accreditation procedure applicable to certification service providers, the requirements and waiting period for accreditation and for a modification of accreditation conditions, the requirements for accreditation renewal and the conditions that can lead to the suspension or cancellation of accreditation, and the related fees ; and
(4)  so as to ensure the security of documentary communications and if the Government is of the opinion that it is required in the public interest, the cases warranting and the conditions applicable to the use of a specific medium or technology.
2001, c. 32, s. 69.