C-1.1 - Act to establish a legal framework for information technology

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20. Documents that are required by law to be retained and that have been transferred may be destroyed and replaced by the documents resulting from the transfer. However, before such documents may be destroyed, the person responsible must
(1)  unless the person is an individual, establish and update rules to be applied prior to the destruction for transferred documents ;
(2)  make sure that any confidential personal information contained in the documents to be destroyed is protected ; and
(3)  make sure that the documents, if in the possession of the State or of a legal person established in the public interest, are destroyed in accordance with the retention schedule established under the Archives Act (chapter A-21.1).
However, a document which, in its original medium, has archival, historical or heritage value according to the criteria established under paragraph 1 of section 69 must be preserved in its original medium even if it has been transferred.
2001, c. 32, s. 20.