B-9 - Act respecting registry offices

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22.1. (Replaced).
1982, c. 58, s. 16; 1984, c. 46, s. 16; 1992, c. 57, s. 447.
22.1. Where a document has been replaced or reconstituted by means of a microfilm, the Minister of Justice shall determine, by order, the means and manner of making entries related to inscriptions showing on the microfilm.
1982, c. 58, s. 16; 1984, c. 46, s. 16.
22.1. Where the whole or part of any register, index, repertory or other book kept by a registrar has been lost or destroyed, the Minister of Justice may, by order, require the registrar to reconstitute it in accordance with such terms and conditions as he may determine to ensure its authenticity.
Any book or part of a book used for the reconstitution must be previously authenticated.
The registrar and his deputy must affix, on the reconstituted book or part of a book, a certificate attesting that it has been reconstituted pursuant to this section. The certificate must be made under oath before the prothonotary or the clerk of the Provincial Court of the district concerned.
The whole or part of a book so reconstituted has the same authenticity, validity and effect as that it replaces and the provisions of the Civil Code respecting the organization of registry offices apply.
1982, c. 58, s. 16.