B-9 - Act respecting registry offices

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17. (Replaced).
R. S. 1964, c. 319, s. 18; 1992, c. 57, s. 447.
17. Whenever the municipal council of any county or locality which has become a registration division has provided funds for paying the necessary expenses, it may require from the registrar in whose office any instrument or document affecting immoveable property in such county or place has been registered, certified copies thereof or extracts therefrom and of the entries relating thereto.
Such copies and extracts must be fairly transcribed in regular order in properly bound books to be furnished by the municipality.
For such copies and extracts the registrar shall have a right to be paid at the rate of $0.066 for every 100 words.
After the delivery of such copies or extracts, the registrar of the new registration division shall grant copies of, extracts from or make searches and grant certificates and perform all other official acts with respect thereto as if the same had been originally registered and make in his office, and demand and take the proper fees therefor.
Copies, extracts, certificates and acts so given by such registrar, shall avail as if granted and performed by the registrar having the original books, entries and documents, saving the right of any party to prove error therein and the recourse of all parties against the registrar furnishing them, if the error be in the extracts or copies furnished by him.
R. S. 1964, c. 319, s. 18.