B-7.1 - Act respecting the Bureau d’accréditation des pêcheurs et des aides-pêcheurs du Québec

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17. A review decision must be rendered within 30 days after receipt of an application for review and be sent in writing to the person concerned. If the application for review is dismissed, the person concerned may, within 30 days after being notified of the decision, contest it before the Administrative Tribunal of Québec.
On sending a copy of a decision dismissing an application for review to the person concerned, the person designated by the Minister shall inform that person of his or her right to contest the decision and of the time limit for doing so.
1999, c. 32, s. 17; 2006, c. 27, s. 11.
17. A refusal to issue a certificate or the suspension or revocation of a certificate may be contested by the interested person before the Administrative Tribunal of Québec within 30 days of the notification.
1999, c. 32, s. 17.