B-1.1 - Building Act

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83.0.3. The provisional administrator shall have the necessary powers to carry out the mandate assigned by the Board.
Subject to the restrictions included in the mandate, the provisional administrator may, on his own initiative, in particular,
(1)  take possession of all the assets and funds held in trust or otherwise by or for the manager;
(2)  commit the funds to carrying out the mandate and enter into such contracts as are necessary for that purpose;
(3)  determine the number of guaranty plan beneficiaries and their identity;
(4)  assign, transfer or otherwise dispose of guaranty contracts;
(5)  transact on any claim made by a guaranty plan beneficiary for the performance of a guaranty contract; and
(6)  go before the courts for the purpose of carrying out the mandate.
In no case may the provisional administrator be sued for acts done in good faith in the performance of duty.
2011, c. 35, s. 15.