B-1.1 - Building Act

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81.2. The following information obtained from the manager of a guaranty plan may be made public by the Board:
(1)  the following balance sheet elements contained in the audited financial statements:
(a)  the amount of the reserves and the total assets;
(b)  the actuarial reserve and the total liabilities; and
(c)  the required surplus and the total net assets;
(2)  the following income statement elements contained in the audited financial statements:
(a)  the premiums paid, premium adjustments, membership fees, investment income and total income;
(b)  the total claims and claims expenses, the variation in the actuarial reserve and total expenses; and
(c)  the pre-tax surplus; and
(3)  the data required by the Board regarding the manager’s activities.
The data referred to in subparagraph 3 of the first paragraph include a breakdown of the certificates issued and the number of contractors accredited, of complaints processed, of files submitted to arbitration and of inspections carried out.
2010, c. 28, s. 12.