B-1.1 - Building Act

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104. (Repealed).
1985, c. 34, s. 104; 1991, c. 74, s. 47; 2005, c. 22, s. 22.
104. The advisory committee shall have as sole function to advise the Board on any matter relating to the administration of this Act submitted to it by the Board.
The Board shall seek the advice of the advisory committee prior to adopting a building code, a safety code and any regulation pursuant to paragraphs 1, 2, 2.3, 5, 5.2, 16 to 18, 19.1, 19.7 and 20 to 36.1 of section 185, and prior to allocating its budget.
Such advice shall be forwarded to the Board within 30 days of being requested or within a shorter period of time for reasons indicated by the Board; upon failure by the advisory committee to forward its advice to the Board within the prescribed time limit, the advice is deemed to have been given within that time limit.
The advisory committee’s advice shall not be binding on the Board.
1985, c. 34, s. 104; 1991, c. 74, s. 47.
104. On pain of forfeiture, the chairman and vice-chairmen may not have a direct or indirect interest in an undertaking that places their personal interest in conflict with the duties of their office.
Forfeiture may be avoided, where such interest is an inheritance or gift, by refusal or disposal without delay.
Any other board member who has an interest in such an undertaking must on pain of forfeiture disclose the fact in writing to the chairman and refrain from participation in all deliberations and decisions concerning the undertaking.
1985, c. 34, s. 104.