B-1 - Act respecting the Barreau du Québec

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76. (1)  The syndic shall in the performance of his duties have access to the records of the Bar and of the sections and to all documents filed in the offices of the courts or in those of public bodies or contained in any advocate’s records; he may obtain a copy of any document he considers necessary.
(2)  He shall also have the right to take possession and dispose of any record, document or property entrusted to an advocate who has become disqualified, incapable of practising or unable to act, or held by the legal representatives of a deceased advocate, notwithstanding any fees and disbursements owing to the advocate.
(3)  In the cases provided for in subsection 2, he shall draw up a minute, leave a copy of it with a reasonable person in charge of the premises and account to the advocate or his representatives.
1973, c. 44, s. 36; 1975, c. 81, s. 20.