B-1 - Act respecting the Barreau du Québec

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128.1. A student may give legal advice and consultations on legal matters for others if the student complies with the following conditions:
(1)  the student is enrolled in a professional training program given by a professional training school established pursuant to paragraph b of subsection 2 of section 15, in a program of study whose diploma gives access to the permit issued by the Bar or in a graduate program in law if the student obtained such a diploma;
(2)  the student performs those acts in a legal clinic established or recognized by an educational institution at the university level that grants a diploma giving access to the permit issued by the Bar or established by a professional training school referred to in subparagraph 1; and
(3)  the student performs those acts under the close supervision and responsibility of a practising advocate.
The board of directors must determine, by by-law, from among the regulatory standards applicable to advocates, those standards applicable to students as well as the terms and conditions that apply to the advocates supervising them. The by-law may also prescribe additional terms and conditions according to which students may perform such acts.
The board of directors must consult the Ordre des notaires du Québec before adopting a by-law under the second paragraph.
2020, c. 29, s. 6.