A-7.002 - Act respecting the Agence des partenariats public-privé du Québec

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5. In pursuing its mission, the agency
(1)  advises the Government on any public-private partnership matter, particularly as regards project selection and prioritization;
(2)  operates a public-private partnership knowledge and expertise centre accessible to all interested persons and, for that purpose, collects and analyzes information on public-private partnerships in Canada and abroad;
(3)  informs public bodies, the business community and the general public on the concept of public management in the public-private partnership mode; and
(4)  provides expert services to public bodies for the evaluation of the feasibility of their infrastructure, equipment and public service delivery projects in the public-private partnership mode, for the process of selecting partners and for the negotiation, conclusion and management of partnership contracts.
2004, c. 32, s. 5.