A-6.01 - Public Administration Act

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13. A performance and accountability agreement must contain
(1)  a definition of the mission and strategic directions of the administrative unit and a description of the responsibilities of the director of the unit;
(2)  an annual action plan describing the objectives for the first year of the agreement, the measures to be taken to meet the objectives, and the resources available, and an undertaking to produce such a plan on an annual basis;
(3)  the main indicators to be used in measuring results;
(4)  an undertaking to produce, at the end of each year, a management report describing the results achieved and, so far as possible, comparing them to the results achieved by similar bodies.
Any management agreement made pursuant to section 19 by the Minister and the Conseil du trésor shall be appended to the performance and accountability agreement and shall be binding on the parties.
A performance and accountability agreement may also provide for the formation of an advisory committee to enable client representatives or specialists from outside the Administration to give their opinion on the execution of the agreement.
2000, c. 8, s. 13.