A-5.01 - Act respecting clinical and research activities relating to assisted procreation

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32. The Minister may suspend, revoke or refuse to modify or renew the licence of a centre for assisted procreation
(1)  if the centre no longer meets the conditions required for the issue of a licence or does not respect a condition, restriction or prohibition attached to the licence;
(2)  if the centre does not have its activities accredited within three years after the issue of the licence or if it does not maintain its accreditation;
(3)  if the centre made a false declaration or distorted a material fact upon applying for the issue, modification or renewal of a licence, or in a report, a document or information required by the Minister under this Act or under a regulation under this Act;
(4)  if the centre does not comply with any other provision of this Act or with a regulation under this Act;
(5)  if the director does not respect the obligations imposed by this Act or by a regulation under this Act;
(6)  if it is in the public interest;
(7)  if the assisted procreation activities carried out in the centre do not reflect high-quality, safe and ethical practices in the opinion of the board of directors of the Ordre professionnel des médecins du Québec;
(8)  if the operator fails to maintain control over the operation of the centre for assisted procreation, in particular if the Minister ascertains that the operator is not the owner or lessee of the centre’s facilities, is not the employer of the personnel required for the operation of the centre or does not have the authority required to allow physicians who apply to practise at the centre to do so; or
(9)  if the centre or a physician who practises at the centre has been convicted of an offence under the fourth or ninth paragraph of section 22 or section of the Health Insurance Act (chapter A-29) for an act or an omission concerning the centre.
2009, c. 30, s. 32.