A-4.1 - Act respecting the acquisition of farm land by non-residents

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16. In examining an application, the commission shall take into consideration
(1)  the intended use, in particular the applicant’s intention to cultivate the soil or raise livestock on the farm land that is the subject of the application;
(2)  the impact of the acquisition on the price of farm land in the region;
(3)  the effects of the acquisition or projected use on the economic development of the region;
(4)  the development of agricultural products and the development of underutilized farm land; and
(5)  the impact on land occupancy.
1979, c. 65, s. 16; 2013, c. 24, s. 3.
16. Where the applicant is a natural person and declares that he intends to settle in Québec, the commission shall authorize the acquisition on the condition that he lives in Québec for not less than three hundred and sixty-six days in the twenty-four months following the date of acquisition.
If, after that time has expired, the authorized person satisfies the commission that he is resident in Québec, he may obtain a certificate from the commission that the condition has been fulfilled, and the acquisition is thereby ratified for all legal purposes.
1979, c. 65, s. 16.