A-29 - Health Insurance Act

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78. (Replaced).
1976, c. 27, s. 1; 1978, c. 70, s. 12.
78. In this division and the regulations, unless the context indicates a different meaning,
year means the calendar year;
employee designates an individual who receives a salary;
employer designates a person, including a government, who pays a salary;
Minister designates the Minister of Revenue;
individual designates a physical person other than a trustee or testamentary executor as such;
prescribed means, in the case of a form or information to be supplied in a form, prescribed by an order of the Minister and, in any other case, prescribed by regulation;
regulation means a regulation made under this division by the Gouvernement;
net income means the income for the year concerned, computed in accordance with the provisions of Book III of Part I of the Taxation Act (chapter I-3);
salary means the income computed according to chapters I and II of Title II of Book III of Part I of the Taxation Act.
1976, c. 27, s. 1.