A-29 - Health Insurance Act

Full text
4.6. (Repealed).
1992, c. 21, s. 103; 1996, c. 32, s. 90.
4.6. Every manufacturer or wholesaler whose recognition has been withdrawn permanently may present a new application for recognition. However, in addition to the conditions prescribed by regulation, that manufacturer or wholesaler must, before being recognized, reimburse to the Board the following costs:
(a)  in the case of a manufacturer, the price difference assumed by the Board in relation to the price that the manufacturer had agreed to respect;
(b)  in the case of a wholesaler, the difference between the price assumed by the Board and the price corresponding to the commitment of the wholesaler as prescribed by regulation;
(c)  in both cases, the expenses incurred to inform health professionals of the permanent withdrawal of the manufacturer’s or wholesaler’s recognition.
1992, c. 21, s. 103.