A-29 - Health Insurance Act

Full text
4.3. (Repealed).
1992, c. 21, s. 103; 1996, c. 32, s. 90.
4.3. The Minister, following a report by the Conseil consultatif de pharmacologie, may temporarily withdraw recognition from a manufacturer or wholesaler if he does not respect the conditions or commitments prescribed by regulation.
In the case of a manufacturer, the withdrawal has the effect of excluding all medications produced by that manufacturer from the list for a period of three months.
In the case of a wholesaler, the Board shall cease to assume payment of all medications sold by that wholesaler for a period of three months.
Where a manufacturer or wholesaler has, within the previous five years, been subject to a temporary withdrawal, the period prescribed in the second or third paragraph is increased to six months for any further temporary withdrawal.
1992, c. 21, s. 103.