A-21 - Architects Act

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8. (Repealed).
1973, c. 59, s. 8; 1994, c. 40, s. 198.
8. In addition to the powers provided in section 94 of the Professional Code, the Bureau may, by regulation:
(a)  establish and administer a retirement fund for the members of the Order and set up group insurance plans for architects;
(b)  establish and administer a relief fund for the benefit of needy architects, the assets of which shall be invested in accordance with article 981o of the Civil Code of Lower Canada;
(c)  impose on all members or on certain classes of members the obligation to give by contract of insurance or of suretyship, security for responsibility from fault or negligence in the practice of the profession or itself make a group contract for such purposes.
1973, c. 59, s. 8.