A-20.2 - Act respecting commercial aquaculture

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31. An inspector may, in the performance of inspection duties,
(1)  enter, at any reasonable hour, the business establishment of and have access to the aquaculture site or fishing pond of a holder of a licence or authorization or of a person contravening section 4 or 22, and make an inspection thereof;
(2)  examine the premises and any equipment, installation, material, apparatus, product or any other property to which this Act or the regulations apply, take samples without charge and take photographs or make recordings;
(3)  order the immobilization of any vehicle used to transport a product, and make an inspection thereof; and
(4)  require any book, register, bill of lading or other document or record to be produced for examination or for the purpose of obtaining copies or extracts if the inspector has reasonable grounds to believe that it contains information relating to the application of this Act or the regulations.
2003, c. 23, s. 31.