A-2.02 - Act to promote access to justice through the establishment of the Service administratif de rajustement des pensions alimentaires pour enfants

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9. SARPA cannot recalculate child support if, after having examined the information and documents provided, it finds that the recalculation applied for requires a judicial assessment, unless there is an agreement between the parents in the cases and in accordance with the terms determined by government regulation.
If it cannot recalculate child support, SARPA notifies the parent who applied for the recalculation, or both parents where the application was submitted by the two of them. Where the application for recalculation was submitted by only one of the parents, SARPA also sends a copy of the notice to the other parent if it previously notified a request for information or documents to that parent under section 4.
Upon being notified that SARPA cannot recalculate the child support, the parent who applied for the recalculation or, where the application was submitted by both parents, one of them may apply in writing for a re-examination of the application. The application is re-examined by the chair of the Commission des services juridiques or by the person appointed by the chair for that purpose.
2012, c. 20, s. 9.