A-18.1 - Sustainable Forest Development Act

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82. If a sugar bush for which a permit has been issued or the other resources on the same forest land have been affected by a natural disturbance or human interference, the Minister may modify the permit to protect the sugar bush or the other resources concerned.
The Minister may also, for the same purposes, impose forest development standards on the permit holder or standards for tapping maple trees or carrying out other work that are different from those prescribed by regulation, when the latter do not provide adequate protection for the sugar bush or forest resources affected.
These new standards, the areas where they are applicable and any regulatory standards for which they are substituted must be set out in the modified permit. The Minister must also specify in the permit, from among the fines prescribed in section 246, the one to which an offender is liable for a given offence.
2010, c. 3, s. 82.