A-18.1 - Sustainable Forest Development Act

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142. In order to standardize the rules of ethics and professional conduct applicable to board members, the Minister may request all, or one or more, agencies to make the amendments the Minister determines to their by-laws. The Minister may also require that an agency make the amendments the Minister determines to the provisions of its by-laws that deal with the quorum for board meetings if the Minister considers that the by-laws no longer facilitate the holding of meetings.
An agency to which the request is made must enact the amending by-law. The by-law comes into force on the date it is enacted by the board and need not be ratified by the general assembly.
The Minister may enact the amending by-law if the agency fails to do so within the time specified by the Minister. The by-law then comes into force as soon as the chair of the agency is notified.
2010, c. 3, s. 142.