A-17 - Act respecting family assistance allowances

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3. The word “spouses” means persons married to each other who cohabit or persons who live together as husband and wife.
Such persons remain spouses even if they temporarily cease to cohabit. The maximum period of cessation of cohabitation regarded as temporary and the circumstances in which that time limit does not apply shall be determined by regulation.
1973, c. 36, s. 3; 1981, c. 25, s. 6; 1989, c. 4, s. 2.
3. (Repealed).
1973, c. 36, s. 3; 1981, c. 25, s. 6.
3. The amount of the allowance shall vary according to the number of children and the Pension Index, in accordance with the rules contained in the following sections.
1973, c. 36, s. 3.