A-17 - Act respecting family assistance allowances

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11.1. A family which, for a third or subsequent child placed for adoption, has been entitled to only one or two quarterly allowance payments for newborn children by reason of the child’s reaching five years of age, is entitled to the allowance provided for in section 8.1 provided that the child is the third or subsequent child in the family on the date of the first anniversary of the adoption judgment and that the family is entitled, in respect of that child, to a family allowance for the month of that anniversary or for the preceding month. However, in the case of a family which has received two quarterly payments, the allowance is reduced to an amount representing the difference between the sum of the allowances provided for in sections 8 and 8.1 and the sum of the quarterly allowances already received.
An allowance under this section is payable in a lump sum in the month following the month of the anniversary concerned.
1993, c. 63, s. 8.