A-16 - Social Aid Act

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9. Social aid shall not be granted to an individual who is a member of a religious community capable of providing for the needs of its members or receives a public assistance allowance granted under the Public Charities Act (Revised Statutes, 1964, chapter 216).
1969, c. 63, s. 9; 1978, c. 71, s. 2.
9. When the social aid granted to a family or individual under section 8 is not sufficient to prevent such family or individual from losing means of subsistence or from being faced with a situation which endangers the health or threatens to lead to the complete destitution of such family or individual, the Minister shall grant such family or individual social aid to meet its or his ordinary and special needs, and may propose a recovery plan to such family or individual.
Upon failure by such family or individual to accept the plan so proposed, the Minister may refuse to grant social aid to such family or individual or may reduce the benefits which he would have otherwise granted to it or him.
1969, c. 63, s. 9.