A-13.2 - Act respecting assistance for victims of crime

Full text
9. The functions of the Bureau shall include
(1)  supporting the promotion of victims’ rights, as recognized under this Act, and seeing to the development of assistance programs and to the harmonization and coordination of the activities of persons, departments and organizations providing services to victims;
(2)  advising the Minister of Justice on any matter pertaining to assistance for victims;
(3)  supporting the establishment and maintenance of victims of crime assistance centres and, to that end, encouraging community groups and organizations to participate in the setting up of such centres by providing the technical or professional support required for their establishment and operation;
(4)  supporting the development and implementation of informational, educational and training programs dealing with the rights and needs of victims and the services available to them;
(5)  any other function entrusted to it by the Minister of Justice with a view to furthering carrying out of this Act.
1988, c. 20, s. 9.