A-13.2.1 - Act respecting assistance and compensation for victims of crime

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61. The income replacement indemnity of a victim to whom this chapter applies is equal to 90% of his net income computed on a yearly basis.
However, subject to sections 49, 53, 65 and 66, the income replacement indemnity of a victim who ordinarily held full-time employment, or of a victim for whom the Minister determines employment from the one hundred and eighty-first day following the date of the manifestation of the injury, in accordance with the provisions of section 54, shall not be less than the indemnity that would be computed on the basis of a gross annual income determined on the basis of the minimum wage as defined in section 3 of the Regulation respecting labour standards (c. N-1.1, r. 3) and, except in the case of a part-time employment, on the basis of the regular workweek as defined in section 52 of the Act respecting labour standards (chapter N-1.1), as they read on the day on which they are applied.
1993, c. 54, s. 61.