A-13.2.1 - Act respecting assistance and compensation for victims of crime

Full text
(Section 9)

Criminal Code
(Revised Statutes of Canada (1985), chapter C-46)

Sections Brief description of the offence

65 taking part in a riot

76 hijacking of an aircraft

77 endangering the safety of an aircraft in flight
or rendering the aircraft incapable of flight

78 taking offensive weapons and explosive
substances on board an aircraft

80 failure to take reasonable care in respect of
explosives where death or bodily harm results

81 intentionally causing death or bodily harm by
explosive substance

86 pointing a firearm or using a firearm in a
dangerous manner

151 sexual touching with a child under the age of 14

152 invitation to sexual touching to a child under
the age of 14 years

153 sexual touching by a person in a position of
authority towards a child 14 years of age or
more but under 18

155 incest

160(2) compelling another person to commit bestiality

160(3) inciting a child under the age of 14 years to
commit bestiality

180 common nuisance causing harm

215 failure to provide necessaries

218 abandoning a child under the age of 10 years

220 causing death by criminal negligence

221 causing bodily harm by criminal negligence

229 murder

234 manslaughter

239 attempted murder

244 causing bodily harm with intent

245 administering poison

246 overcoming resistance to commission of offence

247 setting traps likely to cause death or bodily

248 interfering with transportation facilities

249(1)b dangerous operation of a vessel or a towed

249(2)c dangerous operation of an aircraft

255(2)(3) operation of a vessel while impaired

262 impeding attempt to save life

264 criminal harassment

264.1(1)a threatening to cause death or serious bodily

266 assault

267 assault with a weapon or causing bodily harm

268 aggravated assault

269 unlawfully causing bodily harm

269.1 torture

270 assault interfering with lawful process

271 sexual assault

272 sexual assault with a weapon

273 aggravated sexual assault

279(1) kidnapping

279(2) unlawful confinement

279.1 hostage taking

280 abduction of a child who is under the age of 16

281 abduction of a child who is under the age of 14

282 abduction of a child who is under the age of 14
years in contravention of a custody order

283 abduction of a child who is under the age of 14
years where there is no custody order

343 robbery

423 intimidation by violence

430(2) mischief causing actual danger to life

433 arson

436 causing fire resulting in loss of life

437 false fire alarm
1993, c. 54, Schedule I.