V-1.2, r. 5 - Regulation respecting off-highway vehicles

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17. Every off-highway vehicle club must erect the following signs on its trails:
(1)  the regulatory signs illustrated in Schedule 2, comprising the following:
(a)  a P-10 mandatory stop sign, in particular for the purposes of section 2 at a crossing of trails laid out for off-highway vehicle traffic or for another sport, unless there is a written agreement between the operators of the trails that ensures safety at the crossing;
(b)  a P-70 speed limit sign;
(c)  a P-70-P tab sign installed below a P-70 residential area sign, for the purposes of section 1;
(d)  a P-80-3 sign indicating two-way traffic;
(e)  a P-90-D sign indicating an obstruction to avoid;
(f)  a P-130-58 sign indicating that it is prohibited to transport a passenger on a seat added to a vehicle modified in accordance with section 21.1 of the Act on any portion of a trail having a steep ascending slope of 17% or more;
(g)  a P-230-P tab sign indicating the end of a requirement; and
(h)  a P-245-P-2 tab sign indicating the distance to travel before the requirement begins;
(2)  the warning signs illustrated in Schedule 3, comprising the following:
(a)  a D-10-1 sign indicating a stop sign ahead;
(b)  a D-50-1 sign indicating a traffic signal ahead;
(c)  a D-90-1 sign indicating the beginning of a divided trail;
(d)  a D-90-2 sign indicating the end of a divided trail;
(e)  D-110-1-D and D-110-1-G signs indicating a 81 ° to 140 ° curve;
(e.1)  D-110-6-D and D-110-6-G signs indicating a curve of more than 140 °;
(e.2)  a D-230-11 sign indicating a steep ascending slope in a trail laid out for motorized all-terrain vehicle traffic; and
(f)  D-290-D and D-290-G signs indicating an obstruction or other hazard; and
(3)  the roadwork signs illustrated in Schedule 4, comprising the following:
(a)  a T-50-1 sign indicating roadwork;
(b)  a T-50-P tab sign indicating the extent of the roadwork;
(c)  T-80-9 and T-80-10 signs indicating that the trail is closed;
(d)  T-90-1, T-90-2-D and T-90-2-G signs indicating a detour; and
(e)  T-90-3-D and T-90-3-G signs indicating a detour ahead.
O.C. 1222-2004, s. 17; O.C. 936-2009, s. 4.